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  1. Mike Peters says:

    Wow, so that’s what it looked like in it’s heyday! Almost every year I take a motorcycle trip through this area along Route 16. I love the road, and the remnants of the history I see in Welch, along with War, Mullens, Pineville and Sophia. A vibrant past is evident in the facades of the buildings.

    I often think that I should come back to these places to make photos. But, just as I have the thought I remember that there are people better suited to making images of these places and people than myself. I’m an outsider, what would I know of what it’s like to live here? I wonder how would the people here ever trust me, and why should they, no matter how pure my intentions.

    I’ll leave the authentically honest image making of that area to yourself, Sarah Hoskins, Rob Amberg, William Gedney and Shelby Lee Adams. At this point, I’ll stick to what I know best, where I come from and where I live, and just enjoy the ride.

    Thanks for your great blog,

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