Thanks to everyone who’s been following the blog over the last few months. Working on the Looking at Appalachia series has been amazing and I’m excited about the direction in which it’s heading. I’ve contacted several photographers, and several have contacted me, about collaborating on pieces for the series. I look forward to continuing to feature rich work and writing and contributing to the greater conversation of how we look at Appalachia.

On a personal note, I’m getting married in a couple of weeks! I’ll be away from the blog a bit while we’re planning the last details of our special day, combining households, and merging families. Life has changed a great deal for me over the last few years and I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am about this part of the journey. I’m truly thankful.

Keep in touch.


4 Responses to Truly thankful

  1. christian says:

    Hi Roger,

    First of all CONGRATULATIONS on getting married and the best wishes for a joyous and happy wedding!

    I truly appreciate your blog and the work you are doing! For that, a million thanks – christian

  2. Congratulations!

    And thank you for sharing your passion with us. The feeling is mutual.

  3. kate fowler says:

    d’aww! congratulations, Roger… this is such great news!

  4. Roger – what can I say except congratulations. On two counts – first for your impending wedding! May you all be blessed with a wonderful day.

    And also – that you’ve discovered not only that this work you are revealing is so important and insightful, but that there is a large appetite for it ‘out here’.

    Keep it coming!

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