1. Bluefield, West Virginia.
2. Williamson, West Virginia.
3. Community garden, Williamson, West Virginia.
4. Grants Branch Park, Pike County, Kentucky.
5. Coal, Big Creek, Kentucky.
6. Virgil Webb, Kentucky Colonel, Big Creek, Kentucky.
7. Sanctuary, Big Creek Baptist Church, Big Creek, Kentucky.
8. Hatfield family photos, Big Creek, Kentucky.
9. Fish fry, Big Creek Baptist Church, Big Creek, Kentucky.
10. Iron Weed, Hatfield, Kentucky.
11. Pinnacle Rock, Pinnacle Rock State Park, near Bramwell, West Virginia.
12. Fall colors and East River Mountain on the horizon, near Bramwell, West Virginia.

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2 Responses to Sketches from Appalachia – September 2012

  1. Steven says:

    Ahhhh, Pinnacle Rock! In high school, a few of us would pack in the car and drive there from Bluefield and goof off.

  2. Chris says:

    Roger this is an outstanding blog!

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