UPDATE: Due to flu and holiday travel, I’m extending the deadline until Sunday, 6 January 2013, at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner will be announced Monday morning, 7 January 2013.

I’m thrilled to announce your chance to win a set of Sarah Hoskins postcards. Sarah will select five photographs from her “The Homeplace” series and Master Printer Chuck Kelton of Kelton Labs in New York City will make gelatin silver prints on Kodak F2 Kodabromide paper.

To enter the drawing, visit Sarah Hoskins’ website and go to “The Homeplace.” Browse the photographs, find your favorite image, and copy the caption. Paste the caption, along with a description of why it’s your favorite from this series, in the comments section of this page. That’s it! One person will be randomly selected from the submissions to receive the set of postcards. The deadline for the giveaway is Monday, 31 December 2012, at 11:59 p.m. EST. The winner will be announced New Year’s morning, 1 January 2013.

Good luck and thanks for sharing!


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12 Responses to Sarah Hoskins Postcard Set Giveaway

  1. Back To Pool — I like that it asks more questions than gives answers.

  2. C Fowler says:

    Hog and Gun . Those seconds between the transformation from breathing pig to sustaining pork are heavy. This picture got it.

  3. Sunday Morn. The various elements just sing for me – the door open (welcoming); the inscription on the door (a sense of place); the ‘donated by’ on the glass behind (saying that people care), the wheelchair for those needing help; and the empty chair beside that relaxed but imposing character, makes me feel I could walk in there, sit down and be swept off in a wave of community. It is a beautiful image.

  4. Hog in Tub

    beautiful, mysterious, and there’s a timelessness to this image that I like a lot

    thanks for the photographs! great to see all of them,

  5. Chris says:


    I like the hands, the careful figures, the little spiral notebook. . . .

  6. cd coleman says:

    I like the overall layout: the collection of three (2 chairs and a walker), the quiet dignity of an elderly Miss Sarah and juxtaposition of her orthopedic shoes and stylish hat, the flat field and vertical trees in the background,and the white in the foreground and the dark in the background. I love the photo.

  7. Gerry Gomez says:

    “Church Bathroom 2006″ The sacred and the profane captured like I have never seen before. I imagine that juxtaposition is the most unique find, ever.

  8. Thanks so much for sharing Sarah Hoskin’s work! Sarah, you have so many fantastic images in this series. The image titled “Pulling Leaves/ Stripping” gave me pause – a timeless image of the mundane nature of skilled, repetitive tasks & hard, hard work. The more I look at this image the more I want to know the subject’s daydreams, imaginings & stream of thoughts woven into those leaves on the table…

  9. Kitty Dougoud says:

    Hog in Tub: This photo has always spoken to me as it is a look into an old tradition passing knowledge from one generation to the next. Knowing some of the individuals in this series and seeing the young men in a setting that they are proud to be a part of with the elders of their community. The fact that this is a something that few outsiders are allowed to experience makes it extra special. Sarah’s photos take us to the inside of a long standing rite of passage in the cold early morning. The etherial sense of this photo is intoxicating. We are so fortunate that Sarah has captured these moments for future generations!

  10. g mattox says:

    The Robe is my favorite image from the series. The image contains beautiful contrast in the whiteness of the robe, door, and window frame against the darkness of the brick. I also love the stillness in the image that belies the implication of excitement and human presence, just missed by the camera, but captured in the wreath on the door, knocked slightly off centered, and the still dripping robe.

  11. Cindy Shepherd says:

    Mac is an amazing photo. It makes me feeling like we’re seeing this aged man up close and the child he once was right behind him. That childhood is kind of blurry to Mac now, but it’s still there in his mind and it’s still part of who he is.

  12. Pete Duval says:

    Collection | 2004.
    I like the intimacy of this shot.

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