UPDATE: We have a winner!

Do you know a high school or college student who could use some freebies? I have 11 CF cards (from 4GB to 16GB), a SanDisk CF card reader, and a Think Tank Pixel Pocket Rocket card wallet that I’d like to give them. All the gear has been used, but well taken care of. I simply don’t need them anymore and I’d like to share them with someone who needs them. What’s the catch? There isn’t one.

The rules are simple:
1) Nominate a student who could use these by midnight EST on Tuesday, 10 December 2013. (Sorry, you can’t nominate yourself.)
2) Simply comment on this post and include the student’s name, school, and a couple of sentences about why you feel he or she should get these.
3) I’ll announce the winner here and via social media on Wednesday, 11 December 2013 by noon EST.



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25 Responses to Holiday Giveway

  1. Erin Irwin, WVU. Because I think every time I talk to her, she’s shooting. Either at a football game, at a bands gig, or around town. I see her photographs every day in the WVU student paper. Sun or snow, she’s out shooting. She’s one rad and driven gal.

  2. Charlie Scott says:

    Nathan Ward, WVU. Nathan is an very talented artist with a work ethic that demands respect. He would use this equipment in the production of work that merits conversation, not for storing snapshots.

  3. Andrea Null says:

    “L” (Sorry I can’t provide the name — confidentiality agreement) at Greenbrier Academy for Girls. L’s worked through many life issues at this therapeutic boarding school, and it was here that she found her voice in the form of photography. She’s currently putting a photography portfolio together for college. I think one of the reasons I love L’s photography is that she creates photographs of her fellow students that show them how beautiful they really are, even if their bodies don’t match up to the glossy, photoshopped magazines. She also makes use of the southern West Virginia landscape to highlight alternative types of beauty.

  4. Erin D. says:

    Annie Craycraft, a freshman at OSU. She has been into photography for the past few years & has been self-taught. I love seeing the world through her pictures, as she has an eye for beauty. She is very creative & would use these often. Thanks for the opportunity!

  5. My friend Mark. He is a high school sophomore from New Jersey and is creating beautiful macro photos of water droplets and already teaching himself how to paint with light. Starting off this young and already doing extraordinary work, he could always use a helping hand!

    His blog:

  6. One of my kids, Erin, here at the University of Georgia’s Grady College of Journalism and Mass Communication, sees amazing things all around her. She has this ability to connect with people, to make them comfortable, to get them to open up their homes and hearts. She’s finishing up my program this week and has landed a paid, six-month internship starting in January up in Tennessee. She’s scrambling to put together a camera kit and this would be a huge help.

  7. R C McKee says:

    I’ve got a friend and colleague, guy named Mark Lent, who works as a visual arts and technology instructor in Tuscaloosa, Alabama. (He was formerly an extremely talented pj himself until sanity, the economy, and family responsibilities forced him to get a real job.) Most of his students come from households in what can charitably called “difficult circumstances,” kids for whom the cost of even a small CF card is still prohibitive. A set like this, in a classroom, could help a bunch of younglings learn and grow in ways they may not get a chance to explore.

    • Jim Smothers says:

      I worked with Mark when he was a p/j and was surprised when I learned he is now teaching kids how to do computer video and animation projects. He is so enthusiastic about his students and their projects it’s contagious. The memory cards would be helpful to their program.

    • Kathleen Hughston says:

      I am the principal of TCTA, the school where Mark Lent teaches, and can attest to the need of these supplies. Students attending our school come from three (3) Title I (economic disadvantaged) high schools.

      This is just the third semester of the Animation program at TCTA. Mark basically began the program with nothing, frequently supplementing with his personal equipment. Even though we made a considerable investment in the program prior to the start of this year, there remains significant needs that have not yet been met.

      Jim is right when he says Mark’s enthusiasm is contagious! It is amazing what Mark’s students, a very academic and socio-economical diverse group, have been able to achieve in his class. His students are completely engaged in learning and so excited about their work! Without doubt, these supplies would go a long way to enhance this program and benefit our students.

    • Rob Miracle says:

      I know Mark from our days as a Photojouralist. He is a man of high integrity and passion who is taking his craft and giving it back to the visual artists of the future. Instead of this kit benefiting one person, it can benefit many though all the students who pass through Mark’s classes. Please consider how this can benefit those young visual artists.

    • Kathy Freeman says:

      I feel the students would greatly benefit from the resources. Many students in our district are not able to purchase cards so having them would benefit the Mr. Lent’s program. Providing students with the materials they need will help them to be successful.

    • Misty says:

      Mr Lint’s program would be able to accomplish so much with this donation.

    • Joy Snoddy says:

      It takes a strong and passionate individual to teach, and it takes an even stronger individual to teach effectively to students with limited outside experiences. Please grant the wish of memory cards to my co-worker Mark Lent, in Tuscaloosa, Alabama! Our children’s future is very important!

    • Ta'Shona W says:

      I am here in support for Mr.Lent. His passion and dedication is recognized by his students, and his peers; we hope that he will get these supplies.

    • Andrea Markham says:

      I highly support the efforts of Mr. Lent. I believe that putting this equipment into the hands of multiple students (like his at TCTA) will allow your generous donation to make a huge difference.

    • Ian Campbell says:

      I work with Mark Lent; Animation Instructor at TCTA. To say that our students struggle to secure supplies for daily class activities is an understatement. Mark is providing excellent opportunities for these students to learn and grow. I know that the addition of this technology would certainly benefit the students enrolled in Mark’s class.

  8. I second Mark Lent’s Nomination. Mark works closely with students who want to learn visual arts and technology. These are students who lack the equipment required for the class; yet Mark works miracles to ensure all students are able to participate in daily lessons. Sometimes, he even allows students to use his personal equipment (got to love a teacher with such a big heart).Please consider Mark Lent for the Holiday giveaway.

  9. Keith Eure says:

    My friend Mark Lent works for the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy. Ran by the Tuscaloosa City School System and is a “Title 1″ school, which means that a majority of the students are at or below the poverty line. He wants those cards for the cameras that he has. He has MANY students who can not afford to by one, so would like to let them borrow one for the class period, so that they can do the assignment(s).

  10. I would also like to recommend the students of Mark Lent to receive the flash cards. Mark is an award winning photojournalist who left a remarkable career to embrace an even more rewarding one. He teaches kids who could make use of the cards for class projects and might have a hard time affording them. These items would greatly enhance Mark’s program at Tuscaloosa Career and Technical.

  11. Ched Burton says:

    Mark is the animation instructor at the Tuscaloosa Career and Technology Academy. He would certainly put this equipment to good use. Mark has the highest percentage of special needs students in his class and does a remarkable job of maximizing their abilities. He does so with a caring heart and with tremendous patient. These memory cards would greatly enhance the opportunities for these students.

  12. Kris Strickland says:

    Mr. Lent is leading the animation program in the Tuscaloosa City School district. The program has taken off in the short two years of existence with students wanting to learn more and more about the animation process.I believe the memory cards would help the program substantially, allowing Mark Lent the opportunity to purchase other needed essential program equipment.

  13. Nykiyah Lavender says:

    Mr.Lent is an wonderful teacher and puts his all into everything he does when he teaches. He motivates his students to excel and makes sure that they are progressing in the right direction. Presenting Mr.Lent with the opportunity to receive the memory cards, will push his program into the right direction and would provide support for his students as an community.

  14. Aaliyah Smith says:

    Mr. Lent has been leading the animation program at Tuscaloosa career and technology academy for two years. He has a great influence on his students. He works hard to ensure that all of his students have the equipment that they need. Mr. Lent should receive the memory cards so that he can continue to contribute to the success and passion of his students.

  15. Ronnie Phillips says:

    Mark Lent has become a friend in last 2 years and I see the compassionate attitude he has to “his kids”. He loves his work and is breaking ground with a new program at TCTA. This new program needs many tools so the foundation may be established to bring the students the passion Mark has for his work and for life.

  16. Mark Lent says:

    Thank you SOOOOOO MUCH! I’ve already started telling my students about this and there’s a LOT of excitement! I really appreciate your help!

    And thank you to those who took the time to write a note here. I truly appreciate each of you and thanks for your confidence in my program and my kids! :-)

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